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What Is Call Stars Academy?

In a time where consumers are spending 14 hours or more researching their next vehicle purchase, BDCs have never played a more critical role in dealership growth. In fact, BDCs have emerged as the lifeblood of the auto industry, especially in light of recent research, which shows that 50% of leads are going to do business with the first person they speak with. The point: it’s never been more important for dealerships to be the best and the fastest on the phones.

But there’s a big problem with the way most BDCs are set up. Complicated processes and cumbersome technology weigh down these departments, resulting in huge inefficiencies with lots of downtime between calls and poor strategy around which leads are called when. As BDRs across the country sit, staring at their screens, reviewing notes, weighing their options and considering what to do next, time and opportunities are flying out the window as too few leads are called and too few appointments are scheduled.

Moreover, because the decision-making process of which lead to call next is left in the hands of the BDRs themselves, most BDCs are not only placing too few calls but are often calling the lower quality leads. That’s because no individual is capable of managing call flow logic and lead priority scoring on the fly.

The effects of poor strategy and slow lead handling are only compounded by the usually lackluster department culture and poor morale. Backed by defunct department culture and insufficient training, many BDRs are unable to develop the phone skills and keep the momentum necessary to deliver good calls that result in the expected number of appointments booked and shown.

Ultimately, these problems leave many dealerships with BDCs that constantly eat up time, opportunity, cash, physical space and mental resources that cannot be recouped.

Call Stars and Call Commando overcome the challenges faced by most BDCs by providing training, culture and technology solutions all in one platform that accelerates BDCs to greater efficiency and productivity, resulting in more appointments and shows. Plus, thanks to a simple implementation formula, dealerships can start seeing immediate, major changes in hours or days, not weeks or months.

What You Get With Call Stars


Call Commando, the software component of Call Stars, is a lead management tool designed specifically for automotive BDCs that increases call activity and speed to lead, so your reps can work more leads in the same amount of time. While maximizing the value of every call attempt by serving up the perfect lead at the perfect time.



If leads are the lifeblood of a BDC, then a positive culture is the heart. The two work together for maximum appointment output. Call Stars embraces the need for a positive department culture around the BDC and shows dealers, owners and BDMs how to create a radical cultural transformation in the department.


As a part of the Call Stars program, BDMs and BDRs receive a full training curriculum to improve their phone performance by focusing on what makes a good call and how BDRs can use tonality, human-to-human connection and active listening to improve the customer experience and ultimately book more appointments.

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Take Your BDC To The Next Level

The heart of today’s dealership is the BDC, where online leads are converted into in-person appointments and then into sales. Call Stars and Call Commando gives BDCs the technology, training and culture they need to capitalize on the highest priority opportunities and convert the greatest number of leads into appointments.

It all comes down to this: if the goal is to turn more leads into appointments and create a better customer experience for every opportunity, then Call Stars and Call Commando can help. Get started today with your free consultation.

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